Mapei Ultracolor Plus Terracotta Grout 5kg


An exceptionally high performing Grout, Very fast at drying and setting, It is Polymer Modified and Anti Efflorescence. Also Water Repelling for joints of 2mm to 20mm. With Drop Effect Technology, and Anti Mould with Biotech Technology, Suitable for most areas including those with heavy traffic, i.e – Airports, Shopping Centres And Swimming Pools.

Suitable for: Wall, Floor, Interior, Exterior, Swimming Pool, Pathway And Commercial Area.


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Ultracolor Plus technology is an ultra premium, fine aggregate, fast-setting, polymer-modified, color-consistent, nonshrinking, efflorescence-free grout for joint widths from 1/16″ to 3/4″ (1,5 to 19 mm). DropEffect reduces surface absorption to help repel water, dirt and grime from penetrating grout joints. Ultracolor Plus is specially formulated with MAPEI’s High-Hydrated Cement Technology (HCT™) to eliminate the common problems related to Portland-cement grout, such as color consistency and efflorescence. Along with offering higher polymer content, HCT reduces absorption and increases stain resistance when compared with standard-performance cement grout.

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
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